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(Leathered, Polished, Honed) What finish is best for you?

Granite is one of the top choices by consumers due to it’s durability, stain resistance, and natural beauty. When choosing your granite, you also need to decide which finish works best for you. In the past, a Polished finish was pretty much standard, but recently we have seen a rise in peeople opting for a Honed or Leathered finish.

Polished– Is our most popular finish here at Solid Rock. It is a high gloss finish that enhances and intensifies the color and pattern of natural stone. A polished finish is easier to keep clean and free from staining because it seals more of the pores on the stone surface.

Honed– Honed finish is a non-reflective, satin-like, smooth finish that shows fewer scratches and imperfections. Honed finished stones are smooth with no bumps or ridges and is perfect for someone who is looking for a more natural look. Honed finished are much more muted than polished finishes.  Om marble, a honed finish is a much more forgiving finish than polished because it doesn’t show every tiny scratchor etch mark. Etching from acidic foods is an issue on soft polished marbles.

Leathered– Leather finish is a textured finsih that has become more popular in recent years. A leathered surface usually has a soft sheen to it but is not shiny like a polished surface. One of the benefit of leathered granite is it hides fingerprints, smudges and water spots. This makes for less daily maintenace for the consumer.

Not every finish is appropriate for every stone. We have a variety of marbles and granites with honed and leathered finishes with most of our inventory being polished. Some of our inventory is dual finished which means you can choose polished or unfinished polish.